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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Difference between pressure washing and soft washing?

A. The term 'soft wash' is used to describe a technique that uses low pressure and chemical application/rinsing that safely removes any dirt, algae, or mildew from your home without the threat of high pressure damaging your vinyl. 'Pressure Washing' typically refers to the use of high-pressure water needed to clean various hard surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, wood, and more.

Q2. How much do you charge for your services?

A. Pricing can vary heavily based on the demands of each job. Factors such as the type of surface, how dirty it is, and how much chemical and time will be required to achieve desired results are all used to determine pricing. Typically, we will charge no more than .15¢/sq.ft for a vinyl soft wash. For high-pressure jobs, prices vary greatly depending on the determining factors. For an average, 2-car sized driveway, pricing will start around $120. We also happily offer discounts for bundled services.

Q3. Why should I hire a professional to wash my home?

A. Depending on the job size and what needs to be achieved, hiring a professional can often be a safer and cheaper option than attempting the work on your own. Having the proper training, experience, and equipment to perform the job, we take great pride in our ability to achieve your desired results at an affordable cost.

Q4. What chemicals are you using, and are they safe?

A. For most jobs, we are using the industry standard to safely and effectively clean your property, known as Sodium Hypochlorite. This chemical on its own can be corrosive, if not properly diluted. Improper use can result in damaged vinyl, landscaping, keyholes, doorknobs, streaky windows, and more. If you hire us, you can rest assured that we are trained to protect your property. We pre and post-rinse all nearby landscaping and cover any areas prone to damage before servicing.

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